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Karl Rouge  
This creature was my very first walking robot. It was reshaped many times, and I think I might even re-do it again just because I have gained a bit more knowledge with the designing of my 3 motor walker. Anyway, it's in pretty rough shape right now... not very clean... sort of unfinished looking....(kinda like most of my bots! hum...) So anyway, I might put some more pics and stuff on here soon. For the schematic, check out Ian's BEAM Online page under "Almost Complete Walker"
Motors: 2 modified servos with electronics removed
Controller: Master-Slave Bicore with timing adjustment
trimpot (adjusts leg osscilation speed)
Motor Driver: '240 chip stacked
Legs: Coat hanger wire
Power: 3 AA alkaline cells, connected through an
old Nintendo power button!
Bicore on the right, motor driver on the left