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Turbot 1.0
More pics coming soon...
This is my first attempt ever at a turbot style robot. I'm quite satisfied with the way it has performed thus far. It is still in the design phase so it still looks a bit "unfinished." I plan on making a more permenant design after I have figured out if everything is setup in the proper fashion. (ie: motors turn the right direction, photodiodes in the right locations, etc.)
Circuit: Slightly modified Photopopper 4.2 (freeformed following
Chiu's tutorial.) 4200uf cap, C triggers

Nihon lens motors from BG Micro.

Solarcells: 2 x Panasonic Suncarem 37x33 5.5v 15ma cells
2mm thick "Choroplast" (Plastic sign material), lots of hot glue. Arms
are coathanger wire mounted using RadioShack terminal
Sensors: 2 IR Photodiodes
Circuit Diagram
Note: This circuit has been modified so that both motors will eventually fire (it would be a bad thing if the turbot was sitting on one side with an arm spinning uselessly in the air!) This is done by replacing the 0.22uf cap with 10uf caps charging through a diode. (Thanks to Dave H. for this idea, he used it in his pTurbot design.)
Design Theory
(Diagram by Björn Brindefalk)